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Posted on May 7, 2021

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Posted on April 6, 2021

Congratulations to Ban Nguyen!

Double H would like to celebrate Ban Nguyen for his 38 years of service at Double H Plastics and congratulate him on his retirement! We will forever remember Ban’s dedication, accomplishments and personal integrity. People like Ban truly make the workplace a joy! We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Posted on November 17, 2020

Do Paper Cups Have a Place Within the Barrier Packaging Market?


Packaging, and food packaging in particular, comes in many shapes and sizes and is created from varying materials based upon intended use. Common food packaging materials such as plastic and paper, while suitable for some products, may not work for others as they allow levels of permeability for moisture, oxygen, and gases that may impact the product.  Historically, the solution to this has been a multilayer flexible or rigid structure.  On the rigid side, multilayer thermoformed cups or spiral wound fiber/paperboard canisters are typical solutions.   Because of the open side seam and the potential for oxygen and moisture to pass through, formed paper cups have not been a viable option.   But with additional edge protection and a multi-layer barrier structure, now formed paper cups could be an excellent way to differentiate high barrier products in the market.   With this modification, paper cups should not only have a place in the barrier packaging market but they should flourish.


Convenience vs. Sustainability

Barrier packaging, as its name implies, serves to contain and protect product integrity by acting as an oxygen, moisture, and gas barrier. While there is a current focus upon the entire food industry to become more sustainable in its practices and packaging options, there is still a great interest in functionality; specifically extending shelf life in smaller, portable, offerings.

As snacks spike in demand, flexible packaging such as pouches and bags have become a popular option as they offer reclose-ability for on-the-go consumers.  Formed paper cups could take this to another level. Cups can stand up on a shelf therefore having better and more reliable merchandising opportunities and shelf presence along with great graphics. Whereas in the past, there has been a tradeoff. Cups may also help to preserve the condition of the product when compared to a bag or pouch as the rigid paperboard offers protection during shipment and handling specifically for e-commerce channels of distribution. Formed cups may also offer improved ease of use for the on the go consumers.



In addition to portability, barrier and edge protection prevents grease and oil wicking, ensuring freshness and inhibiting food spoilage. This packaging innovation not only preserves the integrity of the product, but may be utilized to enhance new brands or products, not just replace or compete with existing offerings. This additional functionality could open the door for new and long-standing brands alike to take part in many of the on-the-go or convenient consumer trends, filling multiple segments within a single store.

Paper cups have a place within the barrier packaging market as they offer both convenience for on-the-go consumers and functionality for the preservation of product integrity.



About Double H:

Double H Plastics is a manufacturer of Plastic & Paperboard Packaging that services industries such as Ice Cream & Dairy, Consumer Products, Cereals, Convenience Foods and Pet Care.  Through a unique injection molding process we use paperboard inserts and a variety of plastic resins to mold custom packaging solutions, including functional tamper evident

Posted on October 29, 2020

Old York Road Printing Finds Enormous Success with Heidelberg’s Subscription Program

As seen on

90 JOBS IN 24 HOURS – Old York Road Printing, a division of Double H Plastics, is proud to announce the implementation of its new Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-7+L. This new press has replaced three older Speedmaster presses while dramatically increasing in gross impressions. Currently set up to run at the machine’s top speed (18,000 sheets per hour), the OYRP has achieved improvements in all key performance indicators.

“When we set our initial goals with the Heidelberg team, I didn’t believe that this press would produce what they said it would produce, but the new XL 106 is outperforming all of our expectations,” – Tom C., Plant Manger for OYRP.

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Posted on April 8, 2020

Packaging Sustainability


As consumers focus more on sustainability, the plastics and packaging industry has experienced a backlash because of perceived risks to the environment.  Whether it’s a ban on plastic bags or plastic forks, consumers are looking for alternatives to single use plastic packaging.  Perhaps one of the greatest obstacles being faced directly within the packaging industry is being able to supply the consumer with a sustainable or eco-friendly container that is able to support the product as is intended and meet consumer expectations.   In response to growing consumer interest, a number of global consumer packaged goods companies have pledged to move towards 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025.

What Does It Mean?

One of the most difficult aspects of addressing these new consumer expectations for packaging is actually understanding what “sustainability” means.   Is the concept of sustainable packaging synonymous with recycling? What truly is a compostable package?  Is there such a thing as biodegradable package?  Is the understanding unanimous amongst all consumers, brands and the market? The topic of “sustainable” packaging is even more complex when you factor in consumer confusion around the nature of recycling packaging in general.

Materials, Cost & Functionality

The challenge is that often the most sustainable options may compromise the cost and functionality that brands are accustomed to.  Replacing polyethylene on a formed paper cup may come with its own performance characteristics.  Brands will have to strike a fine balance between the best eco-friendly package without sacrificing a cost effective, reliable product.

Double H & Sustainability

Double H holds several certifications including FSC (Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody Certification) and SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) that support sustainability.

Innovation and exploration into sustainable packaging is a top priority.  The company is committed to reducing the amount of materials needed without sacrificing quality or product safety, developing alternatives to replace traditional, non-renewable, or non-recyclable materials, and optimizing freight to reduce the overall carbon footprint.


About Double H:

Double H Plastics is a manufacturer of Plastic & Paperboard Packaging that services industries such as Ice Cream & Dairy, Consumer Products, Cereals, Convenience Foods and Pet Care.  Through a unique injection molding process, we use paperboard inserts and a variety of plastic resins to mold custom packaging solutions, including functional tamper evident lids.  This process allows for exceptional graphics and superior functionality in a wide array of shapes and sizes.

In addition, Double H can supply Formed Paperboard Cups and Containers as well as Thinwall Injection Molded components and IML Packages. Sizes range from 3.6 Ounces to 5 Quarts.