Paper, Film & Foil Converting

We produce truckloads of cores for the demanding requirements of slitting and rewinding operations daily. Whether for film, foil, paper or many other substrates, we have the core for your converting operation. Plastic cores offer dimensional stability, crush resistance, and excellent performance in clean environments where dust and moisture would be a concern. Double H Plastic core protect your investment and the value converters add to substrates that range from delicate to durable.


Double wall cores provide extra strength from the structural design while minimizing the amount of material used,  as opposed to thick solid walls. Also called honey comb cores. Currently available with IDs from 0.250 to 1.250 and ODs from 0.570 to 1.75

Single wall, or solid wall, cores are available with IDs from 0.250 to 6.050 and ODs from 0.375 to 6.930.Wall thicknesses currently range from 0.040 to 0.450


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